Testimonials from mental health professionals

"IheerU" team seeks to create the best experience to our mental health professionals. Here is what they have to say:

"I am truly grateful

for the fact that "IheerU" team makes so easy to find clients.“

Ieva, Clinical psychologist

Roberta P.

Very professional team, and that reflects everywhere - support, marketing and the platform itself.

Claudius V.

For me, the "IheerU" pltaform is useful for 3 reasons:
1) The team behind it is innovative and fast in solving any problems that arise.
2) A consistent flow of new clients and timely payments.
3) A community of other professionals.

Destiny A.

The platform is truly build with a mental health professional in mind - I could not imagine it being more convenient. I am happy to be accepted to the team. I am also noticing how happy the clients are as well. Speaking of clients, there is certainly no shortage of them. Such a huge help for private practitioners! 

Monica A.

At first I was giving this platform a try without much expectations. Soon I realised how much easier my work is when I am managing my practise with this tool. It is really easy to plan my time, message clients and video chat with them. The community of other mental health professional is helpful too. I am glad to be part of Iheeru.

Angelina R.

Easy to use. IheerU makes both, the client and the therapist feel safe. The IheerU support team is amazing!

Amber K.

IheerU platform is convenient for both - the client and the professional. I see it as an amazing tool for providing secure tele-psychiatry services. The team behind IheerU is truly reachable and always ready to help, which ensures the overall quality.

Amber S.

The first client reached out to me within the first few hours after I joined the "IheerU" platform. Everything is very easy to use and I particularly like the option allowing me to leave private notes about my clients. This saves me tones of time and gives my clients a better experience too. I invite you to join our team so that more and more clients can get the help they deserve!

Eve D.

IheerU provides me a stable clientele and a community of other mental health professionals. In addition, I am pleased with the care IheerU support team provides me with. The team truly cares abous us (professionals) as well as about clients. I am also a big fan of your marketing materials, especially Instagram!

Agnes L.

For the clients its easy to reach us. The platform is well organised and really easy to use. I have complete freedom over my schedule. Bonus points for amazing support from the IheerU team.

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